Drs. Autones and de Carlan will talk on "The Power of nano: why are ODS steels of such interest to the nuclear industry? ," Friday, Nov 12, 10:30 am.

November 12, 2021

(10:30 - noon)
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Yann de Carlan and Lucas Autones will present the very specific metallurgy of ODS. These materials can contain more than 1024 nano-oxide precipitates per m3, which are stable in the ferritic-martensitic steels above 1300°C. The aim of this presentation is to show how this specific microstructure can be obtained by powder metallurgy and what mechanical properties it confers to these ODS under irradiation. The presence of high density of nano-oxides also enhances the recombination of point defects (vacancies and self-interstitial atoms) produced under irradiation, which limit the material swelling. Likewise, various
theoretical and experimental works show how helium can be trapped by the nanoparticles, limiting material embrittlement. Finally, we will end this presentation by analyzing the manufacturability of ODS using additive manufacturing and the performance that can be expected from these new development techniques.

Yann de Carlan is a researcher at The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). After completing his thesis on irradiation effects in zirconium alloys, he joined the CEA at Saclay in 1997. Since then, he has worked on the development of ferritic-martensitic steels for GEN IV reactors at both the national and international level through different European projects. He wrote several book chapters and more than 50 papers on this topic. Yann currently works with Lucas Autones, a graduate student from the Grenoble Institute of Technology, who joined the CEA in 2018 to perform his Ph.D. on the additive manufacturing of ODS steels under Yann’s supervision. Prior to joining the CEA, Lucas had several professional experiences on the development of materials in Burnley (UK), at McMaster University (Canada) and in Grenoble (France) using sintering of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet.