National Capital Region (NCR) Campus -
Nuclear Engineering Program

Nuclear Engineering Program at the NCR (Northern Virginia Center, 7054 Haycock Road, Falls Church, VA 22043) and Blacksburg (Goodwin Hall) campuses is directed by Prof. Alireza Haghighat. Prof. Haghighat is located at the NCR campus.

In addition to coordinating activities and facilities in the Blacksburg campus, he has taken advantage of the NCR location, and established two educational programs:

  1. Accelerated Masters of Engineering in Nuclear Engineering for the USNA midshipmen, first offering, Spring 2017.
  2. Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Science, Technology, and Policy (NuSTEP), first offering, Spring 2019.
  3. Nuclear Education Hub (NEH), project Under development, initiated Oct 2019.

    and, several research programs including:
    A Partnership Agreement with the USNA, Annapolis, MD
    Collaboration with the VT's Visionarium group at the Advanced Research Computing [ARC], Blacksburg Campus
    Collaboration with the VT's Center for Neutrino Physics, Blacksburg Campus
    Collaboration with SPIA, NCR Campus
    Collaboration with VT's STS Department, NCR Campus
    Research collaboration with other universities and national labs