Master of Science (M.S.)


Students can register in the M.S. Program at either Blacksburg or Greater Washington DC Area Campus. For a quick review of the M.S. Program, click here.

The M.S. designation requires completing a 30 credit-hour program subject to the following requirements. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 ("A" = 4.0) is required for all coursework taken at the University. This policy is consistent with Mechanical Engineering department policy and University policy. No grade below B is allowed for any M.S. core course. Failure to earn a grade of B in a M.S. core course requires retaking the course. Courses must be taken for a letter grade--not Pass/Fail (unless the course is only offered as Pass/Fail).

If a student is entering from another graduate program, not more than 50% of required grade course work from another institution may be transferred. These transfer credits may be applied to the core course requirements including the mathematics requirement, or to the elective requirements. All transferred course credits must have the grade of "B" or higher and have been earned while enrolled as a graduate student. All transfer credits must be accompanied by transcripts which verify the grades earned. Course descriptions might also be required. Transfer courses on the Plan of Study must be approved by the student's Advisory Committee. Enrollment in 6000-level and 7000-level courses typically consists of only Doctoral students.

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