Dr. Jordan Cox,Research Scientist, Energy Security and Resilience Center, NREL, will talk on "Valuing Nuclear in Energy Modeling," to register, CLICK HERE

April 16, 2021

To register, CLICK HERE.

Capacity expansion modeling focuses on estimating the least cost-resource mix that could be used to meet future energy or electricity demand. Technologies allowed to meet future demand are constrained by their economic (capital, operating, fuel costs etc.) and technical (land-use, resource availability, transmission infrastructure, dispatchability, etc.) limitations forming the basis of techno-economic analysis. This presentation will summarize techno-economic analysis performed with regards to nuclear energy in the future US energy mix. Key considerations such as nuclear cost reductions, climate policy, and costs of alternative resources were considered and their impact on nuclear deployment through 2050 was analyzed.

Jordan Cox Ph.D. is a researcher in the Energy Security and Resilience Center at NREL. His work focuses on quantifying hazards and threats to energy systems and using techno-economic analysis to inform decisions surrounding resilience planning. He has also performed research on the potential linkages between renewable-nuclear energy systems and renewable thermal energy systems for industrial heat applications. Jordan's background is in mechanical engineering with an emphasis on nuclear energy and thermal hydraulics. Using methodologies such as probabilistic risk assessment and defense-in-depth, Jordan's current interests include quantifying future risk to energy systems and energy coupled systems through the use of probabilistic, deterministic, and machine learning methods.