Dr. Jean-Marc Jancovici, Associate Professor, Mines ParisTech, will talk on "The Role of Nuclear Energy in Climate Change," REGISTER HERE

March 05, 2021

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Everybody can easily witness that energy and climate issues are gaining momentum on publics agendas. Joe Biden has praised the Paris agreement, Bill Gates advocates for nuclear, plenty of 100% renewable scenarios have been published, and in the same time California, Australia and Siberia have experienced record wildfires in the last year. Still, a large fraction of the population considers that these items are “external” to the debates that really matter for our lives, on economic or social topics.

Jean-Marc Jancovici serves as an associate professor at Mines ParisTech. He is the co-founder of Carbone 4, which is a consultancy and fintech company on “low carbon transition”. He is also an appointed member of the High Council for Climate in order to evaluate the carbon trajectory of France, and reporting to the French Prime Minister. He created and preside The Shift Project, which is a nonprofit think and action-tank that provides economic decision makers and political leaders with statements and operational propositions to achieve, as fast as possible, and with the correct order of magnitude, the phasing out of fossil fuels from our economy ( He has more than 30 years of experience in climate change transition, and has written more than seven books on this topic.