Dr. Haghighat, Prof. & Dir. of Nuclear Engineering, gives an invited talk, 'The Elusive Neutrinos for Monitoring and Safeguards of Advanced Nuclear Reactors', at the Specialist Seminars on Reactor Physics and Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ljubljana University, Slovenia

November 29, 2021

(8:00 am EST, 2:00 pm CET)

Prof. Haghighat will give a brief history of neutrino discovery and its connection to the invention of nuclear reactors. He will discuss the methodology for detection of neutrinos, and will elaborate on the CHANDLER antineutrino detection system developed at the Virginia Tech Center for Neutrino Physics (CNP). Prof. Haghighat will discuss his group’s (VT3G-Virginia Tech Transport Theory Group) contributions for improving the signal-to-noise ratio of CHANDLER, and the potential use of CHANDLER for monitoring and safeguards of advanced reactors.

Full presentation
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